Your Pet's Journey

Learn about stress in pets and how to help strengthen the human-animal bond.

Here is an easy three-step home exam to assess if your pet is stressed and anxious

We recommend to refer to your veterinary staff to assess your pet’s anxiety level.

Stress Sources

First, it is important to identify the possible sources of stress in your pet’s life. Will your pet experience at least one of the following situations in the near future?

New home
New home

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Signs of Stress

Second, you need to know how to recognize if your pet is stressed. Observing changes in body language and behaviours will tell you when your pet is stressed or fearful. Here are the most common signs of stress.


Cowering or shaking


Frequent lip licking

Ears pulled backward

Refusing treats

Being hypervigilant

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Eyes fully open Pupils fully dilated

Ears fully flattened against the head Whiskers pulled back

Vocalizing, yowling, growling or hissing

Shaking, drooling or hackling


Crouched body Tail close to the body Head lower than the body

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One Final Question

To complete this assessment, here is a last question. If you answer YES to this question, your pet could benefit from Zylkene®!

When there is a change in your pet’s routine or environment, do you see changes in their behaviour?

How should I help my pet cope with stress and why?

Stress can trigger fear-like emotional reactions that lead to unpleasant behaviours and affect the human-animal bond.

Following these 3 simple actions will allow you to PREVENT unwanted stress-related behaviours:

1. Use a product with calming effects to decrease signs of stress and increase your pet’s ability to learn how to behave appropriately.

2. Manage his/her environment by fostering comforting living conditions and routine while decreasing identified stress factors.

3. Positively reinforce appropriate behaviour.

Zylkene® is an all-natural nutritional supplement 1 indicated for dogs and cats of any age. Its main active ingredient is derived from milk

In clinical studies, no side effects were reported when Zylkene® was administered to dogs and cats.

Zylkene® is also non-sedating and non-addictive.

Zylkene® has no known contraindications or drug interactions.

Zylkene® can be used anytime, anywhere! As it is chewable, it is easy to give at home, outdoors, on the go, at the vet clinic, etc.

Adapted for short-term and long-term usage: Zylkene® can be started a day before an anticipated stressful event or administered continuously over a longer period of time


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