Toothless Andy & Instagram Fame

Let’s start by setting the record straight: I find being called “Toothless Andy” wildly inaccurate, considering I do have a tooth. Yes, the rest needed to be removed back when I was adopted because they were rotten, but now I’m feeling great. Yes, the lack of teeth means my tongue keeps slipping out. And yes, I mostly eat soft mushy dog food. But as my 2.9K Instagram followers will tell you, I do very well with my single tooth. Toss me some spaghetti and cheese and I’ll prove it!

My relationship with my owner

Where to start? Well, I come from the US, but am now a proud Canadian. I’ve been living with Dr. Sarah Myers since the summer of 2013. We met on the Internet, and I guess my profile picture caught her attention. I mean, how could you say no to an adorable face like mine? Out of all the humans I don’t dislike, she’s by far my favourite one.

I went to work every day at a veterinary clinic with her for about 5 years, but recently she’s been working from a home office in Vancouver, so now I work from home too. I find it much more enjoyable to stay in the same place. And it’s much nicer than where I spent my first year in Canada, in a mountain town. That place was way too cold, and you couldn’t get anywhere because of the freezing white stuff that clings to you.

My family

I have a brother, his name’s Harold. He’s a Brussels Griffon, with a big bushy beard. We have a respectful “leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone” kind of relationship. I guess he’s okay.

My special achievements

Now I’m ticking at 15 years old and I need my daily dose of Flexadin for my arthritis, and a few medications for my heart condition. But back in the glory days, I had quite the physique. I was even a model for a local dog photography business, for a while. They liked my Instagram posts and they reached out to me. Those were fun days.

Credit @wigglespetphoto

credit @wigglespetphoto 

My likes and dislikes

In my spare time, I mostly like sleeping. It’s not that I don’t like being active, it’s more that I prefer sleeping. And staying away from children. Especially the loud ones. I know I look adorable, but there’s only so much love one Chihuahua can handle. No reason to go crazy, I mean, I’m no Hollywood celebrity, I’m just your humble, average, dog-next-door Instagram sensation. 

My dislikes? For sure rain and snow (how can people go out in that stuff?!), and staying home alone. Every once in a while, when Dr. Myers chooses not to bring me along somewhere, I have to remind her that actions have consequences. And sometimes, the consequence is a big puddle of pee-pee on the kitchen floor.

Parting thoughts

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