Does your pet have an unpleasant sore?

Whether it's a lick granuloma, a bite or even after sugery, your pet needs appropriate care! For us humans, an antiseptic spray and a bandage may be easy to use, but with pets, it is completely different – they need a product which will act just like a real bandage would as well as having antiseptic and healing properties!

Cothivet, the power of plants for comfortable healing

If your dog or cat has a sore, Cothivet is the solution for speeding up the healing process. Cothivet's formula contains 8 plants with many specific properties:

  • antiseptic properties: due to lavender, rosemary and thyme essential oils.
  • healing properties: due to mother tincture of hydrocotyle; lavender and rosemary essential oils that also have healing properties.
  • anti-hemorrhagic and anti-anemic properties: due to mother tincture of alfalfa.
  • astringent and vasoconstricting properties: due to cypress essential oils.
  • anti-swelling and anti-inflammatory properties: due to mother tincture of horse chestnut.
  • anti-infectious properties: due to mother tincture of carline thistle.

As well as being an effective formula proven through a clinical trial,* Cothivet is not irritating or toxic if licked. Its unpleasant taste prevents pets from licking their sores. In addition, Cothivet can keep flies away from sores.

How should you use Cothivet?

  • Spray directly onto the sore 3–4 times daily until it is completely healed.
  • To prevent tingling, spray Cothivet on a cottonball, allow the alcohol to evaporate slightly and then apply on the area to be treated.