Arthritis is a condition that is prevelant in humans and pets alike. In cats, osteoarthritis is often underdiagnosed, but affects their daily life nonetheless. Thanks to the active ingredients contained in the Flexadin Advanced® chews, your cats will be able to move better, for longer!

What are the benefits of Flexadin® Advanced for my cat?

Flexadin® Advanced helps modulate the inflammation which contributes to the deterioration of cartilage in your pet's joints. His/her motricity and mobility should increase as a result of using Flexadin Advanced. This outcome can allow your cat to participate in more physical activity which will contribute to better health, as well as potentially decrease the complications related to osteoarthritis and inactivity (weight gain, etc.).

What active ingredients are responsible for these benefits?

The Flexadin Advanced® nutritional supplement contains several active and unique ingredients. Among others, it contains UC-II®, which stands for "undenatured type-II collagen" in a specially formulated tasty chew for your feline friend. UC-II® has been proven to be effective in cases of osteoarthritis.

How can I use the nutritional supplement Flexadin® Advanced for Cats?

The tasty formula makes it easy to administer and keep your pet happy. In fact, in one study carried out by Vetoquinol, 4 out of 5 cats readily accepted our nutritional supplement.

Flexadin® Advanced has the additional benefit of a single daily chew, no matter the size of your cat!

Consult your vet before giving your pet Flexadin® Advanced. Follow the recommended dosage on the package, unless otherwise instructed by your vet.