7 next-level sports and activities for dogs

1 - Canicross

Canicross could become your new passion if you already enjoy jogging alongside your dog. It involves cross-country running with your furry friend attached to you by a unique hands-free leash and harness. Running up hills, through forest trails and in heavy snow makes for a solid cardio workout for you and your dog.


2 - Disc dog (or dog frisbee)

It’s one thing to toss a frisbee for your dog to catch. It’s quite another if your goal is to wow judges with every step: chasing, jumping, catching the disc in midair and landing. Add creative throws and you may have found the perfect outlet for your dog to spend their energy.


3 - Dog dancing

Dog dancing doesn’t involve waltzing across the ballroom, but rather executing tricks and perfectly-timed dance moves to music. You can go freestyle (where pretty much anything goes) or craft an elaborate Heelwork-to-Music routine, where your dog should stay in heel position beside you and mimic or complement your movements most of the time. Look at past winners of the popular Crufts dog show for inspiration.


4 - Dog agility

This classic and popular dog sport involves running a canine obstacle course filled with jumps, tunnels, ramps, see-saws, and poles. Your dog must follow your cues and complete the course as quickly as possible without making any mistakes. Whether you’re just looking to have fun or want to train your dog for a national competition, get started by building your own backyard obstacle course.


5 - Doga (dog yoga)

Doga involves a series of yoga poses and stretches adapted to include your furry friend. For example, you may perform the downward dog pose while your pup sits beneath you. Don’t expect to reap the full benefits of a high-level yoga session, but rather see this as a novel and amusing way of bonding with your pet.


6 - Dock jumping

This dog sport combines two activities your companion will enjoy: swimming and jumping! While standing on a lakeside dock (or beside a large enough in-ground swimming pool), throw your dog’s favourite toy into the water and encourage them to jump in and fetch it, with the goal being to jump as far as possible.


7 - Tracking

If your dog’s daily walks involve thoroughly sniffing every lamppost, fence, and puddle, this activity will provide a chance to hone your companion’s sleuthing skills. Use strongly scented oils to perfume rags or other objects, hide them, and encourage your dog to seek them. You could similarly play hide and seek with a family member and have your dog look for them based on a piece of clothing.