Your Dog Deserves Xmas Presents Too!

5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Dog

It’s already December, and the holiday season is fast approaching! This may mean presents for the whole family! Here are some Christmas gift ideas that are fun and suitable for your dog.  

1. Frisbee

First, let’s start with a toy that will allow you to share many fun moments with your dog. A Frisbee! The Frisbee has earned a place on this list because of the interaction it creates between a pet and its master. This flying disk requires a considerable amount of energy from your dog so be sure to adapt your playing style to your pet’s health and physical fitness.

If you decide to get your pet a Frisbee, it is recommended that you choose the material it is made of carefully, because the lifetime of the toy will depend on it. A resistant toy is less likely to get broken by your pet and injure him.

2. Knotted Rope

A knotted rope is a great toy for your pet’s dental health. It’s good for your dog to chew and it can dislodge any impurities from his teeth. Unlike very hard plastic toys that can harm your pet’s gums and teeth, it is recommended by professionals. Be careful: make sure that you buy a knotted rope that doesn’t fall apart easily into small threads to prevent your dog from swallowing them.

3. Rubber Ball

Don’t underestimate a dog ball! What’s interesting about a rubber ball is its versatility. Like a Frisbee, it’s a toy that encourages interaction with your pet. Why not add this activity to your list of “things to do with your dog this winter”? Unlike a rough ball (a tennis ball for instance) the soft rubber is not likely to cause premature wear of your pet’s teeth. You will find a wide range of models in stores; you just need to find one that suits your pet’s size.

4. Strategy Toys

Strategy – or educational – toys offer a range of toys unlike any other. They are educational modules that allow your dog to find treats by using his senses and intuition. More complex than the other toys, they help keep your dog active without directly involving you in the activity. It is important to note, however, that you should still always supervise your pet.

5. Interactive Chewing Toys 

Interactive chewing toys have almost become a must in the pet toy category. These toys, which you can now hide treats in, hold your dog’s interest. Chewing is a natural need for a dog.

This is why there are so many objects on the market to provide a safer solution for your pet than bones and other hard objects. Their simplicity, fun and educational character, as well as their innovative feature earn them a place on this list. I encourage you to find out more from your veterinarian about how to use interactive chewing toys for educational purposes.


No matter which toy you decide to buy for your pet, make sure that it is both suitable for him and safe. Your veterinarian can also give you some advice to help you make the right choice. Happy Holidays and above all, have fun!