Keep your eyes and ears open.

Understanding your pet’s behaviour can make his and your life easier! Large or small, any change in your routine can be deeply upsetting to your pets. Like their human friends, pets do not all react the same… Some dogs enjoy the noise and attention of many people at a time, while others prefer to be on their own. Some cats are comfortable visiting the vet, while with others, their hair stands on end at the sight of a carrier! Since your pet cannot “tell” you, try to keep an eye on behavioural changes. A pet who is playing less, licking or biting his paws to excess, destroying your furniture or peeing in the house, is not comfortable.

For some unusual behaviours, Zykene can help your pet adapt calmly to unpleasant situations. This nutritional supplement will relax your pet, without causing drowsiness. Talk to your veterinarian and browse through our tips to better understand your four-legged friend’s reality!