How do I show my cat I really love him in a way he’ll understand?

Like dogs, cats make associations. Unlike dogs, it might be simpler for cats. Their brains are smaller than dogs. Making associations is the way their world works. The more you provide things they like, the more they like you. If you punish them, they fear you.

Showing love to your cat

Showing love to your cat is simple but you need to know how to do it properly. Love is about more than feeding your cat. But feeding your cat demonstrates love. Food puzzle toys are ideal and there are many varieties, such as plastic balls with holes. Puzzle toys allow kibble to fall out when the cat moves it around the room. This type of activity is a favorite pastime for cats and has been proven to reduce their stress and promote urinary health! Replicating this hunting behaviour really shows them love – the love of hunting!

The value of the litter pan

Cats value one item more than you may realize: the litter pan!

Their toileting area is more important than everything else. Cats want their litter box to be large enough to stretch out, circle and dig, dig, dig! If your cat jumps out right away after doing his “business”, it’s a sign that you could be improving the litter pan qualities.

Positively interacting with your cat with a long feather toy is a preferred method of play. Some cats will play fetch. Cats are unique and so are their preferences. So, go ahead and try something different! Cats prefer short sessions of play that last 2–3 minutes, several times a day. Think about it: it doesn’t take very long for a cat to kill a mouse, but they kill several mice daily!

Punishing your cat causes fear and anxiety associated with whomever implements the punishment. Cats do cat things. Their behaviours are neither “good” nor “bad.” They are simply behaviours.

Implement the recommendations above, and show your cat some love!

Article written by Dr. Colleen Wilson, veterinarian at Orleans Veterinary Hospital, ON.