Is your pet experiencing weakness? Maybe he needs more energy

Is your pet gradually recovering from an operation? Is he/she sick or feeling weak? Is he/she hard to please when it comes to his food? Do you think he/she is just too thin?

In these situations, start by consulting your vet. This is the best person to identify what might be wrong.

Sometimes your pet just needs a little help to make sure he gets important vitamins and minerals, which will help him/her gain energy.

In that case, you could decide to give him/her Nutri-Cal, a high-calorie nutritional supplement. With a vitamin-rich formula, Nutri-Cal is sold as a delicious gel, which will get your pet back on all paws again!


Do you have a working or sporting dog?

In addition to his/her high-quality, specific diet, you can give him/her this energy gel during periods of intense effort.