What activities can I do with my dog this summer?

With summertime just around the corner, you might be wondering what summer activities you can enjoy with your dog. Look no further! To give you a bit of inspiration, we have compiled a list of summer activities that are enjoyable for both you and your pet. Not only are they beneficial to your dog’s well-being, they will also allow you to take advantage of the summer weather. Sounds like a winning proposition, wouldn’t you agree?


If it’s warm out and you have a lake or swimming pool nearby, your dog will be thrilled to come along for a swim! What could be better than enjoying such a fun and beneficial outing with your furry friend? Swimming yields a number of benefits for your dog’s physical health, especially since it requires your dog to use his muscles differently compared to walking or running.

That said, some dogs are often reluctant to get in the water, while others prefer to keep their paws on the ground because they’re unable to swim. In such situations, it’s best not to push or force your animal to swim. Instead, start by familiarizing your dog with swimming in shallow water.

Tip: get in the water with your dog, and reward him with a treat for those first swimming attempts!


Among the top summer activities, canicross is the ultimate activity to keep you and your pet in shape. The summer counterpart to skijoring, canicross consists of walking or running with your dog. But that’s not all. In canicross, you also wear a waist band that is attached by a bungee cord to your dog’s harness! These accessories make canicross a fantastic experience. You are connected to your pet at all times, and move as a single unit. Canicross requires teamwork throughout your walk or run.

Dog parks

Although dog/owner activities are often done as a duo, there are also many other possibilities that provide a myriad of advantages. Take dog parks, for example. These areas specially designed to meet canine needs are highly appealing to your furry friend, as they offer a “venue” for dogs to socialize with peers, a safe space to run and play, dog-friendly amenities such as water fountains and waste-bag dispensers and more. Take time to locate the dog parks in your area and plan an outing with your pet!


Whether enjoyed one-on-one with your pooch or together with the entire family, picnics make for a lovely, memorable experience. They’re a perfect opportunity to take in some fresh air, recharge your batteries before or after physical activity, and simply relax. Picnics can be easily adapted to your lifestyle and environment. If you’re a nature lover, why not go for a picnic out in the forest? For those who prefer an urban setting, not to worry—cities are filled with parks for picnicking. Bring along a bag of kibbles, water and bowls for your dog... and bon appetit!

Obstacle course

You don’t always need to go on a big trip to enjoy the summer season with your dog; some activities can be done right at home. A ball or treasure hunt is all you need to provide your companion with exercise and fun. For those who are handy, putting together an obstacle course is an outstanding idea. If your backyard can accommodate it, you can create a homemade obstacle course. No need to rack up the expenses—simply use various items and accessories lying around in your storage room or basement, such as plywood scraps, chairs, poles and hoops. These items will be enough to create a course that will allow your dog to climb on chairs, jump over poles, and pass through hoops.

A word of caution, however: make sure to use safe items that are not sharp or damaged, and low enough for your pet. Also, be sure to respect your dog’s health condition and physical abilities.

This list of five summer activities should help you enjoy more quality time with your dog. We hope it will give you inspiration and ideas, as physical exercise is essential for your canine companion. Speaking of exercise, we also invite you to peruse our article on how often to walk your dog.