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How to recognize signs of anxiety in cats

Like you, your cat can experience stress when his or her routine or environment is disrupted. Here are a few signs of anxiety to watch for in your cats to ensure their well-being.

How to trim your cat’s nails

A simple task that can easily become a difficult one. Here is our technique to cut your cat's nails properly...

How to keep your pet cool when it’s hot

Here are some tips to keep your pet cool during a heat wave.

5 reasons to say no to declawing

Declawing cats and kittens is a much debated topic. Here are 5 reasons to say no to declawing!

Is your cat getting enough exercise?

For felines, exercise plays a key role in maintaining a healthy weight, strong muscles, and a sharp mind. Here are some tips to remember.

Moving: A Stress Source for Your Pet

Moving to a new home is far from relaxing both for us and our pets. Learn how to prepare your pet.


Nutritional supplement with calming benefits for dogs and cats

Zentonil® Plus

Zentonil®, to help support the cognitive function of aging pets, will help when your pet's liver is compromised…...


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