The Vetoquinol Care  eye cleaner

The Vetoquinol Care eye cleaner is specially formulated to clean the eye contour of your dog or your cat .
Its formulation , composed of rose water, hammamelis water and natural plant extracts such as calendula and euphrasia, soothes and gently cleanses . It can also help minimizing tear staining.

The Vetoquinol Eye Care cleaner can be used 2 to 3 times a week or several times a day if necessary.

For more information on how to clean around the eyes of your pet, follow this link! ( Link section on article cleaning the eyes)



How does the Vetoquinol Care Loyalty Program work?
Vetoquinol Care Loyalty cards are available from your vet clinic.
Show your card every time you buy one of the selected products.
For 5 products purchased (mix & match), you will get one free!

Which products are eligible for the Vetoquinol Care Loyalty Program?
The product list is available on the Vetoquinol Care Loyalty card.
For more information, please go to your vet's office!