The importance of dental care

Periodontal disease occurs when the bacteria from dental plaque is allowed to build up on the surface of teeth. The bacteria causes inflammation and, eventually, the destruction of the tissue that surrounds teeth and keeps them healthy. This can make your pet's mouth sore, result in tooth loss and be the source of chronic infection, which can shorten his life expectancy.

Did you know that...

  • puppies have 28 teeth and adult dogs have 42 or that kittens have 26 teeth, while adult cats have 30?
  • more than 80% of pets aged 2 years or older have periodontal disease?*
  • in pets, two-thirds of each tooth is hidden inside the gums, meaning that your pet may have dental disease without you even knowing?
  • bad breath might be the first sign of a serious dental problem?

Enzadent Complete Toothbrush Kit

The Vetoquinol Care Enzadent Complete Toothbrush Kit contains:

  • A 90 g tube of toothpaste: an enzymatic toothpaste with a great chicken flavour which will tickle the taste buds of your dog or cat!
  • A fingerbrush: using an Enzadent dental fingerbrush can make it easier for pets who are just starting out with tooth brushing. This method will help your pet get used to your fingers inside and near their mouth. An Enzadent fingerbrush is the first step, before moving on to use a toothbrush.
  • A toothbrush: since the cleaning action of the Enzadent dual-ended toothbrush gives optimal results, that's the brush you will ultimately want to use, once your pet is used to step 1!

To find out how to properly brush your pet's teeth watch our video, which will explain the steps on what to do.


* ALBUQUERQUE, C., et al. The Veterinary Journal, vol. 191, 2012, p. 299-305.