What to Put Under the Tree for your Cat this Year

5 Gifts Ideas For Your Cat This Holiday Season

After going over the Christmas gift list for your dog, let’s now take a look at gift ideas for cats!

1. Laser Pointer 

The laser pointer is a must on your gift ideas list for your cat. What's great about the laser pointer is that you will have as much fun using it as your pet! It’s quite straightforward, point the laser near your pet and lead it in the directions you want in order to trigger your cat’s hunting instinct.

Your cat will then chase after the pointer and expend a lot of energy using all the muscles in the body, without much time and effort required from you. To keep your cat’s attention, it is recommended to occasionally direct the pointer at a treat so that he is rewarded for the “hunt.”

2. Scratching Post 

Scratching posts come in all sizes and there’s one for every taste! It is important to select one that will be suitable for your pet’s environment, whether you have a house or an apartment. Scratching is a normal and natural behaviour for cats. Scratching posts allow them to maintain their claws and mark their territory instead of using your furniture.

The large selection of available models reflects the various cat scratching preferences. Watching where and how your cat naturally tends to scratch will help you make the best material choice between rope, carpet, board, horizontal or vertical surfaces. Your veterinarian can help you select the most suitable scratching post for your pet.

3. Ball 

Balls are very popular toys with dogs, but are often underestimated with cats. Of course, balls are used differently with cats, however, cats also get both real play-time and physical benefits from them. Here are a few of the benefits of using a ball with your cat.

First of all, unlike many other pet toys, a ball does not require much supervision. You should however make sure that you choose a ball that is suitable for the size of your pet. As well, rolling and bouncing the ball gives your cat exercise and gets him moving, which can mean that your pet may expend a significant amount of energy.

Another benefit is that the ball will generally be more entertaining for an active cat than a toy that doesn't move, since this simulates the movement of prey.

4. Cat Feather Toy

Cat feather toys should also be added to this list! A big hit with cats, feather toys allow you to play and interact directly with your pet. Simply holding the feather and shaking it along the floor will get your pet's attention and awaken its inner hunter. This will stimulate your pet's senses and also get your pet to expend energy.

In addition, since cats tend to be somewhat independent, this gives you the opportunity to do an activity together and strengthen the bond between you and your pet. Keep in mind that you should always supervise the use of this toy so that your pet does not ingest any feathers.

5. Moving Food-dispensing Toy

A moving food-dispensing toy allows you, or rather your cat, to ultimately enjoy the combination of usefulness and fun! The idea behind this dispensing toy is very simple and effective. Simply put cat kibble or treats into a round or cylindrical toy that has holes for the food to come out.

This toy will therefore encourage your domestic cat to “hunt for its dinner” by getting its paws on the moving dispenser. Every time your pet touches the toy, it will go off in all directions sending kibble or treats out of the holes designed for this purpose.

Indoor cats have the same needs as outdoor cats. These toys satisfy these needs by enriching its environment and promoting physical activity. Make sure you always supervise your pet when using these toys and check for any damage!