6 easy tips for cleaning up cat hair

Floors, clothes, sofas, windowsills, furniture, stairs: cat hair gets everywhere. Here are a few simple and efficient tricks you can add to your cleaning routine to get rid of it more easily.


Grooming before cleaning!

Brushing your cat daily removes loose hairs, which would otherwise end up somewhere else inside your home. It also helps prevent hairballs. While some shedding is inevitable, any hair you remove now is hair you won’t have to clean later.


How to remove cat hair from clothes and fabric


Use a lint roller or tape.

This is a handy tool for a quick, last-minute cleanup before going to work or having guests over. Roll it over your clothes, sofa, and other fabric surfaces to get rid of most pet hair. In a pinch, you can use large piece of packing or masking tape—apply it sticky side down, then pull it off.

Toss it in the dryer.

Run clothes and bedding that are heavily covered in cat hair in the dryer before washing them. The heat and tumbling motion will help loosen cat fur and trap it in the lint filter. Make sure to clean up the lint filter before your next load to keep your dryer working efficiently and prevent fire hazards.

Wash it in the machine with some white vinegar.

When doing laundry of hair-covered items, add half a cup of white vinegar during your washer’s rinse cycle. Vinegar acts as a natural fabric softener and helps loosen pet hair.

How to remove cat hair from furniture


Use a wet rubber glove or damp cloth.

Wet a sturdy, reusable rubber glove—the kind used for dishwashing or cleaning. Wear it and run your hand over leather or upholstered furniture. The cat hair should clump as it gets wet and then stick to the glove. Rinse it off in the sink and repeat as needed. A damp cloth or sponge can also work if you don't have rubber gloves.  

How to remove cat hair from floors and hard surfaces


Use an electrostatic duster or microfibre cloth.

These items rely on static electricity to trap dust and cat hair and work great on hardwood or vinyl flooring, stairs, and wooden furniture. Because they require little preparation and are so quick to use, consider having a rough, quick sweep daily.

Get a robot vacuum.

Vacuuming every day goes a long way toward preventing cat hair buildup. If you don’t have time to do so, a robot vacuum can handle it for you. Watching it move around may also provide your cat with some welcome entertainment while you’re gone for the day!