Teaching your dog to stay home alone

Why it's hard for your dog to be home alone

Your dog naturally likes being in a group, being part of a pack! For him/her, being alone is not appealing and is not an innate characteristic.

Even though you love your doggy, you also have a busy schedule: work, groceries, your son’s hockey game or your daughter’s dance class… Basically, you are often away from home, and your dog won’t be crazy about that!

So it is essential to teach him/her how to stay home alone. This is for the sake of your well-being, his/her’s, and your neighbours!

You should also not hesitate to contact a veterinarian, who is in the best position to show you a suitable behavioural approach, based on your pet’s needs.

Zylkene could also help your dog manage being home alone better. This nutritional supplement helps your pet feel naturally relaxed, with no sedative effect. It will help your dog adjust peacefully, so he/she will learn more easily that being alone is not so terrible.